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“Hi Dr Norman
I have just been praising God since Saturday night and saying the exact same words "Miracles still do happen because My God is Alive!" This morning I woke up to your mid-week devotional and I continue to praise my God. You see, here is what happened.
On Saturday evening, my 3 year old son accidentally swallowed a small AAA battery. It happened so fast, it was like, I turned around for 2 minutes and the next thing I know, he was choking and could not breathe. You see in PNG we have clinics that are manned by nurses and if cases are beyond them, they refer to hospitals where doctors will then attend. We immediately rushed him to the clinic and told the nurse what happened and she said he had to be taken straight to the emergency. God had already seen this coming and had placed prayer warriors in our path long before the accident happened. That evening we had three warriors who just happened to cross our paths just before we left for the emergency and they all prayed for my little one. A couple of minutes after we left, my son sat up and started talking happily. The nurse who accompanied us was surprised and also took this as a sign. When we arrived to the hospital an x-ray was done to identify the location of the battery in his little body. There was nothing they could find. The battery had miraculously been removed by an unseen hand. We came out of the hospital praising God and are still thanking Him till now. It wasn't until a few days later that I would hear from a friend the story from the nurse's perspective. She mentioned to them that indeed it was a miracle! Because when we took the child to her, he was already turning blue/purple and she was very afraid we might lose him that night.
So yes! God still performs miracles today! And my family and I are rejoicing because it was a miracle that saved my son's life.
God bless you and your family as you minister for Him.”

Deborah, PNG

“(This relates to an email I had received about a Missionary in the Middle East whose daughter had been kidnapped and mutilated by radical men and women. At our FFC service last week my daughter Naomi and granddaughter Esther held hands and prayed for several needs, one was this email. Here is an update I received on Friday afternoon, February 10, when I read this to Elizabeth and Naomi we all just sat and cried together and experienced a move of God in our lounge room. We join with all the people around the world who prayed for Lydia, and give all glory to the Lord! The update email follows, Dr Norman)

"Several doctors this morning (West Africa time) confirmed the death of Lydia (14), the daughter of the Christian missionary with Bibles for Mideast in Africa. She had been in a coma for six days after being brutally subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) by radical men and women on her way home from school last week.
Her father immediately contacted the Pastor, who was the Director of the outreach and Pastor of the Assembly.
An hour after Lydia’s death, workers removed her body from her hospital room. Her parents, brothers, sisters and other believers surrounded her, they were sobbing at the tragic loss of their beloved child. Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff arrived to have a last look at young Lydia’s lifeless body, which was now draped in a white cloth.
Suddenly, someone noticed the fabric shaking. Could it be wind blowing in from outdoors? The trembling intensified, but now, clearly, the movement came from beneath the cloth.
Then, just as suddenly, Lydia herself threw off the white covering and stood up from the bed. “Mamma, our Lord Jesus, our Lord and God Jesus Christ!” she exclaimed joyously.
“Ghost! Ghost!” someone screamed. A nurse and another hospital worker fainted to the floor. Everyone, including the family, backed away in terror, believing a ghost had appeared.
“Mama, I’m Lydia … not a ghost,” Lydia reassured her mother. “I’m alive! Jesus gave me my life back and healed me! See, He’s just disappearing there on the clouds!”
She pointed her finger towards the sky.
Her overjoyed mother embraced and kissed her repeatedly, praising the Lord Jesus. The rest of the family joined in, as the believers gathered round them sang and clapped ecstatically. Some even danced.
While hospital protocol forbad such rambunctious behaviour no one dared utter a word … let alone of complaint.
Amazed, the staff around the family simply had no idea what to do or say. So Lydia continued with her story.
“My soul left my body and I was dead. Angels came to receive me to heaven. But Jesus appeared before me and said, ‘I cannot turn back from the prayers of my children. My eyes are upon my children and ears are open to their prayer. So I give you your life back, for the issues of death belong to me. You go, and be my witness.’ Then he put his face right against and right into mine. He breathed into my nostrils, and my soul went back in. Then he moved his nail-scarred hands over my body and healed me completely!”

West Africa

“Good morning Norm and Elizabeth,
Yesterday was two years since I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and when I rang you Norm, Elizabeth agreed with me on the phone for my healing and I remember you praying, Elizabeth, that I would be aggressive to fight with the Word and not waver. This then reminded me that earlier in the year Norm had spoken about being pregnant with the Word and giving forth a miracle.
How those words from you both have helped keep me established in the Word these two years! Thank you ever so much both of you. I appreciate you, your friendship and your ministry.
Every blessing.”


“Good day Dr Norman
Just a note to say ”THANK YOU!” Thank you very much for the spiritual “ injections” I get from your Mid Week faith booster. I fully enjoy your encouragements. We need to be steadfast in faith and to stand tall for the Gospel of God, that we put on the shoes of the gospel and preach to those people who still need to hear that God loves them.
I was praying and asked the Holy Spirit to lay a word upon my heart to preach tonight...The Holy Spirit told me to talk about Trusting God and now your message on UNSHAKABLE FAITH just is a double confirmation. I think someone might need to hear it tonight. I think as Christians, we sometimes forget to put our trust fully in our MAKER because we people are so impatient and sometimes so stubborn.
Continue what you are doing… this certainly inspires me.
I send love to you with the love of God. Please keep me in prayer that God will continue to use me for His kingdom and that I remain faithful.
Kind Regards.”

Claudine Roodt, South Africa

“Dear Norm & Elizabeth
Your devotionals have been such a blessing on my life for which I am so grateful and appreciative to receive. Because of the Word that you are sending through these devotionals (which I have shared with others), I am walking in the fullness of life Jesus died for me to have.
Thank you so very much for all that you do for the Kingdom of God!”

S Thomas, USA

“Dear Norman & Elizabeth
Praise The Lord forevermore. God is good and faithful. Thank you for your faithfulness in feeding us with wholesome food from The Word of God each week. Thank you for your prayer support. Here is my up-date on the prayer request for my husband sent in July.
The doctors from Singapore came and did a check on his heart in November 2015 and said it was not urgent for him to get a heart operation, however, they will continue to monitor the symptoms. My children laid hold of Ezekiel 36.26 as you said and we put our faith in operation. I shared with them that because God said it; it was already a done deal. This being our confidence, we approached God with grateful hearts and a deep assurance, knowing that He had already a way. My husband is back in the highlands of PNG working again and he says he feels much better than before and does not feel the shortness of breath like he used to, especially when he is climbing the stairs.
It is really a joy and a testimony, especially for my children who are learning to grow their faith in The Word of God. God did not let us down. Thank you for sharing that scripture with us, we continue to declare the work of God effective in my husband because Ezekiel 36.26 is concerning the physical and spiritual heart operation, and all is coming to fulfilment. Amen.
Thanks you again for your support.
May the Good Lord continue to strengthen you with His joy to do His will.
God bless you richly. With love and prayers.”


“On the 13 December 2015, my 15 year old son was stabbed on the back left shoulder (beneath the shoulder blade). What God revealed to me through the 17 hours in emergency was the principle of sowing and reaping. Without faith it is impossible to please God. I had only one desire of God and that was to take my son home alive to his two sisters.
God was good to his word that when we call on Him he will answer and is very near. We only believed in the word of God. I refused to hear any negative reports and it paid. We were discharged a day before his birthday, 16th December.
There were serious concerns by doctors about his condition and we were to be sent to the Intensive Care Unit, however, God's report said we are healed and by faith we received. Years of intercessory prayers for health conditions had us trust God to act again. My son saw God through his experience and he says and confesses, “I am love- God is love”.
Stitches were removed last Thursday at medical review and he is ready for the academic year in two weeks.
We praise God for your ministry – for teaching us the word and encouragements received and the many other friends we have that stood with us in prayer.
I print your newsletters and faith boosters to share with my family.
Kind Regards”

Tracy, PNG

“I am crying as I write this email. I am so overwhelmed by the Father's grace and mercy, a lady has been born again! Kim, who has suffered incredible depression over a long period, gave her life to the Lord on Sunday night, then rang her sister-in-law last night. (Heather lives 1100km away in Toowoomba and has also suffered unimaginable pain and grief) and told her about Jesus and asked her to ring me. Heather rang me this morning and has also now given her life to Jesus with me on the phone. God is good. Thank You Father for Your love.

Would you please mind sending me half a dozen copies of your Basic Study and 2 copies of How to Handle Depression.


Every blessing!”

Wendy, Australia

“FFC is a fellowship where you will truly experience and learn the love of God, His Word and be empowered to live in the victorious fullness of living a life in Christ Jesus. God bought this precious couple into mine and my family's life in 1991 and we have been partners ever since and have never been the same, an overcoming journey from glory to glory to glory. We have been taught, touched, healed and empowered. With much honour & gratitude to Dr Norman and Elizabeth.”

Lisa, Australia

“Dear Norm, Thank you for your input into my life. I look forward to the twice-weekly Newsletters; they have been a source of inspiration and revelation to me. Be blessed and keep up the good work in 2014.”

Harold, Ohio, USA

“Happy New Year to Elizabeth and you Norm. Thank you for the huge contribution to my life through your ministry. Every blessing.”

Wendy, Australia

“Hi Pastor Norm, I received your last newsletter and CD. I have sent a small donation today. Wishing you and Elizabeth many, many blessings for the new Year.”

Millicent, Australia

“Thank you for your faithfulness each week to bring inspiration and encouragement to all of us. Only eternity will reveal the rewards you will receive for those Faith Boosters and NORMalities. Happy New Year.”

Charles D.

“Dear Dr Campbell, I reside in the United States and have received your emails for about the last 10 years. They are an inspiration and a blessing to me. I pass them along to my neighbours and they enjoy reading them too. Thank you for serving our Lord and Saviour!”

Rachel, USA

“A woman was having heart problems and asked for prayer. Dr. Norman Campbell from Australia wrote a study for them that I forwarded on about Katie’s healing and that she could have a new heart. That is exactly what happened. Praise God! She is doing great and has her new heart. Thank the Lord and thank you brother Norman for listening to the Lord and passing the information to me.”

Prophet AW, A world-wide prayer ministry USA