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Walking By Faith in His Footsteps

Posted By at Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Because it requires faith to follow the Lord Jesus, most of the Christian experience does not make sense to the natural way of thinking. That's why Hebrews 11:6 says 'Without faith it's impossible to please God.'

Everything Jesus did when He was on the earth for 33 plus years had to be done by faith, He said in John 8:29 'And He who sent Me is with Me; He has not left Me alone, for I always do the things that are pleasing to Him.'

I recently read Charles Sheldon's book called IN HIS STEPS. A man made a real effort to walk in the steps of Jesus. Before going anywhere or doing anything or making any decision he asked himself "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?" and then he tried to do the same thing.

Although in this day and age we might find that very difficult, it is a very good idea. A few years ago someone brought out a little wristband for Christian young people to wear with the letters WWJD [What Would Jesus Do] printed on them. The idea being that young people need to think about everything they do and check their actions against the Word of God to see if it agreed with the Bible.

That is a very good idea for every one of us reading this Blog today. All of us, no matter what our age should daily check our actions against God's written Word and make sure we conform to it in thought, word and deed. As Christians we are Christ's agents or representatives in the earth today and whether you believe it or not, your family and friends and neighbours are actually watching you to see how you act and react to the situations in your life. Those actions and reactions show your character.

The Apostle Paul says in writing to the Church in Colosse. [Remember they had not all seen him personally as he says in Colossians 2:1.]

So in Colossians 1:11-18 he says 11 strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy;

12 Giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light.

13 He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the Kingdom of the Son of His love,

14 In whom we have redemption through His blood the forgiveness of sins.

15 He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.

16 For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him.

17 And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist.

18 And He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He may have the pre-eminence.

This week can I ask you how teachable are you? Are you willing to ask Father God to help you walk like Jesus walked by checking your decisions and choices against God's Word?

If you do make that choice I can guarantee you He will help you, every day, to walk in victory!