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A Half Truth is a Whole Lie

Posted By at Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I read that on a can of room freshener it said these words: Bring the clean, natural freshness of a country meadow indoors. It freshens the air in your home with a clean, back-to-nature scent as refreshing as the summer grass and the fragrant flowers.

Then in smaller print below it were these words: WARNING: Inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal.

Those instructions remind me of some rhetoric coming from some of our politicians. That which smells sweet is not necessarily healthy. That which is popular is not necessarily the truth.


In John 8.32 Jesus said Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

God’s Word is THE TRUTH, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth.

It may seem that your body is in pain today but THE TRUTH is you were healed 2000 plus years ago at Calvary.

In vs. 44-45 of John 8 Jesus spoke to the Pharisees on that day and said in Amplified Bible You are of your father, the devil, and it is your will to practice the lusts and gratify the desires [which are characteristic] of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a falsehood, he speaks what is natural to him, for he is a liar [himself] and the father of lies and of all that is false.

45 But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me [do not trust Me, do not rely on Me, or adhere to Me].

Learn this truth today!

You are not the sick trying to get healed you are the healed and the devil is trying to make you confess you are the sick.

You are not the poor trying to make a dollar you are already blessed of God and the devil is trying to make you confess your lack and need.

Don’t accept half-truths just confess the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.